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Salt Creek Homes

Your dream home is not far out of reach. The years you have spent patiently saving and waiting for the right time to make your dreams a reality are finally here! You have secured a location for your dream home and are ready to create what you have always dreamed of! It’s finally time to put the many years you have spent designing your one of a kind log or timber frame home to use. Let Salt Creek Homes make getting your beautiful, custom log home a reality!

At Salt Creek Homes, it is our goal to streamline the home-building process so you can build your log home with the least amount of stress possible. With our log home building experts, getting your dream home is a joyous adventure! By partnering with Natural Element Homes, we offer years of experience in the timber frame home design and construction process. Our team is committed to excellence and completing all projects the right way, and we do this through our decades of professional industry experience. In addition, each of our log home builders is friendly, dedicated to building relationships and relies on each other’s strengths. At Salt Creek Homes, you receive the timber frame home builders you have been looking for: the professionals you can rely on and trust.

Our company is proud to partner with Natural Element Homes to distribute and install timber and log home products. Being a State Certified General Contractor with offices in Illinois, Salt Creek Homes is your choice for building customized timber frame and log homes. Whether you only need a framing package, a general contractor to build your entire home, or even just a shell contractor to dry in your home at a later date, we are here to meet all of your needs! Unlike most builders, our team includes professionals with with a background in architecture, engineering, and construction management. With the necessary knowledge and conveniently located offices, Salt Creek Homes ensures our  log and timber frame homes are built with a focus on quality and lasting detail.

To make the building process as simple as possible for our customers, we have created a one-stop-shop that streamlines the design and construction process. When choosing Salt Creek Homes for your custom log or timber frame home, you will receive a full-service package that includes designers, project managers, technical specialists, and logistics managers. Our in-house design and drafting department will be happy to work with you and create an online one-on-one, real-time collaboration that you can view in the comfort of your own home. You can view our model homes, visit our materials selection and design center, and speak with an interior design specialist to ensure your dream home’s vision is precisely met. Through our partnership with Natural Element Homes, Salt Creek Homes offers all of the services you need to set your dreams free. So what are you waiting for? Get started!

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